Thursday, October 18, 2018

PFR "Goldie's Last Day"

Goldie's Last Day
1993 Vireo
Produced By: Jimmie Lee Sloas

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Track Listings

By Myself (3:39)
Dying Man (3:27)
Satisfied (5:06)
Mercy Man (4:53)
Shine (3:34)

Patrick Andrew: Bass Guitar, vocals
Joel Hanson: Guitar, vocals
Mark Nash: Drums

Additional Musicians
Paul Franklin: Steel Guitar on "Shine"
Phil Madeira: Organ
Blair Masters: Keyboards
Gordan Kennedy: Guitar, Vocals
Jimmie Lee Sloas: Bass Guitar on "Spinnin' Round"
Eric Darken: Percussion

Another band with another album from my early high school days. PFR started as Pray for Rain, only having to shorten their name by their 2nd studio release, Goldie's Last Day. PFR was never a favorite band of mine, but I did enjoy many of their songs. Long before we had K-LOVE on the radio, my local Christian station played the single "That Kind of Love". If the station hadn't run that song into the ground me for I may still enjoy it, but now it's a track I usually skip over.

The song "Goldie's Last Day" is one of the standout songs, however it's sad too as it's about the last days of a pet dog, Goldie.

The album as a whole is kind of all over the place. The opening track starts off with a banjo before giving way to a heavier guitar riff. "By Myself" has some great vocal harmonies and is probably the best song on the album. "Mercy Man" is another solid song, but many of the others just don't see as cohesive. It's a good album and one that will stay in my music library, however their subsequent efforts show the band's growth.

If you ever listen to the album make sure to stick around after the song on the 11th track finishes. There will be some silence before you hear some talking. Affectionately known as the "Gargling Solo", it showcases the guys having fun in the studio.

This album isn't hard to find on the secondary market and is usually pretty cheap. I'd say at least half of the songs are worth it.

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  1. I may, quite possibly, be the biggest PFR fan in existence. Which is weird because I'm a metalhead from the 80s. But I love me some good harmony. I was never a fan of the Beetles though. But I'll listen to PFR any day of the week.