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Love Life "Goodbye Lady Jane"

Love Life
Goodbye Lady Jane
1991 Blonde Vinyl Records
Produced By: Michael Knott

album cover

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Track Listings

Real Love (2:52)
Hearts on Fire (4:05)
Fill 'er Up (:13)
1000 Reasons (4:56)


Vocals, Guitar: Larry Worley
Guitar: Darin Eby
Bass, BGVs: Rod Romero
Drums, BGVs: Gary Hanson
Background Vocals: Larry Worley, Brian Davis

Blonde Vinyl Records was a small independent Christian label founded by Michael Knott. It was home to many alternative acts such as the Lifesavers Underground (LSU), Breakfast with Amy and Black and White World. Somehow the hard rock act known as Love Life was signed to the label and they released their first and only album for the label before it went bankrupt a few years later.

This band is mostly known for what (some) of the band members did after this album, that being formed the band Fear Not that was signed to John & Dino Elefante's label, Pakaderm Records. While there are some comparisons to the two bands sound, Love Life had less of a edgy sound in my opinon. This may have been due to the production quality of the album. While the album doesn't sound bad, it sure lacks the polish that Fear Not had. To some this is a good thing, while to others its a detraction.

I'll start off by saying that I love this album dispite it's "flaws". Larry Worley has/had a great voice and he's one of my favorite hard rock singers. He's got great range and a smooth voice, yet there is still a grit to his voice. The guitar work is great, but sounds muddy on the album due to the production values. It's a shame because this really is a great album. I'd love it if someone to remaster the entire album one day.

Larry wrote all the lyrics and music for the album and you could tell there was a theme to the and the search for it.

Real Love
Well I've looked up
And I've looked down
My head spinnin' round and round
I'm all fired up
I can't slow down
I'm gonna turn this world upside down

I've been cryin' all my life
Never had a place to hide
Real love come and take me
Pull me off the ground

Real love, got to find me some real love
Real love, got to find me some real love

This song is of a man searching for real love, something that obviously he hasn't experienced before but something he longs for.

Hearts on Fire
A summers day I do remember
Your smile as bright as the sun
I'm holding you miles away
From the ground I'm standing on

Now I'm holding on
Thinkin' this will last forever
And I'm on the edge
And I know won't get over you

Oh girl, my hearts on fire
And you're my one desire
Gotta hold of my heart
Don't break it now

The look in your eyes
Tells me the story
Takes me back to our childhood dream
And now it seems as though our dreams
Are finally coming true

Not all the songs are about love from the Father. It seems that the lyrics in Hearts on Fire is more about a relationship that goes back some time and their dreams finally becoming reality. Perhaps this was written for his (Larry) wife?

When Lonliness Comes Knockin'
Well, I should have known
Can you feel my heart beating
Now you're closer than ever
I was all alone
I've been lonely too long
But now that we're together

It feels good to smile
And all the while
You've got me wrapped in your
Loving arms and now

When lonliness comes knockin' at my door
I hope that it's next to never
'Cause I don't feel lonely anymore
Now that you're heer forever

Well, I've had enough
And I'm tired of fallin'
But there's something about you
And when life gets tough
You give me strength
To carry on
And that's something I never knew


And when the rain comes down
You shelter me without a sound

It seemed as if every 80's/90's hard rock band had one of those love songs where the meaning could go either way. This could be a love song about a woman or it could possibly be a long song to God. There really isn't a lot of distinction so you can take the lyrics for what they are. I can see it both ways as companionship is a huge thing, especially if you've lost it or haven't had it in a very long time. Then again I can also see this as a song about God's love and how it wonderful it feels to receive His love.

The liner notes for the song Goodbye Lady Jane reference Granny Morgan who obviously must have passed sometime around the recording of this album...I'm guessing. It's a great, upbeat song and one that's to sing along with.

If the song A Hard Day's Night looks familiar, it should as they cover the classic Beatles song. I've never been a fan of the Beatles or their music, but I have to give John Lennon and Paul McCartney props on a great song. Of course I enjoy Love Live's version much more!

I'm told this album will appeal to fans of the band Slaughter. I was one of those kids that didn't listen to much mainstream music growing up. In fact, until I was introduced to Stryper and Petra I really didn't listen to much music at all outside of the country radio station my dad always had on in his truck. I can't really say who Love Life sounds like, but this is a great album period. It's a shame that it commands high dollar on the secondary market these days. While not quite Fear Not, it's interesting to hear what the band sounded like before the Elefantes got ahold of them. I do wonder however if Michael Knott didn't quite know what to do with the band. After all, their sound was quite different than most of their label mates. Had they been signed to Intense Records (part of Frontline) or even a mainstream label like Engima Records, I'm sure their album would have received better production and thus sounded a bit better than the finished product we received.

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