Saturday, December 24, 2016

Stryper "Reason for the Season"

Reason for the Season
1984 Enigma Records
Produced By: Stryper

vinyl album cover

vinyl album back

vinyl record

Track Listings

Side One
Reason for the Season (4:56)

Side Two


Robert Sweet: Drums, back up vocals
Michael Sweet: Lead vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Tim Gaines: Bass Guitar, Keyboards, back up vocals
Oz Fox: Rhythm and Lead Guitars, back up vocals

Christmas 2015, my wife gave me my first turntable with an assortment of vinyl records...this was one of them. Before she gave me the turntable, she knew I had lucked out with some great finds at my local Goodwill...mostly old Daniel Amos and DeGarmo & Key records. She knew I had been talking about picking up the means to listen to the music so she sought out a pretty good player for me. She didn't stop there either. She sought out anything she could find Stryper on vinyl. I can't remember where she found this (or maybe she never told me), but this was brand new when I unwrapped it that Christmas morning. Even though it's only got two songs on it, I was so happy to add this to my music library.

In the 80's I do believe I owned the cassette version of this album (or was it my older brothers?), regardless it's a great couple of songs to fire up every Christmas season. Even today I still enjoy listening to these songs and I think they have aged gracefully. The band still has that very early, raw sound that is reminiscent of The Yellow & Black Attack. However being on the Enigma label the production quality is great. Neither one of these songs may rank in my top 10 favorite Stryper songs, there are great none the less.

I'm not a big vinyl collector, in fact most of what I have came from Goodwill and is pretty "broken in". I am starting to see why music on this format is so desired by some. If their other stuff wasn't so pricey on vinyl I may have purchased more, however I always have my eyes open when my wife decides to stop by just about every Goodwill she passes!

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