Saturday, September 17, 2016

John Cox "Sunny Day"

John Cox
Sunny Day
1996 Questar/Mission Records
Produced By: David Kershenbaum

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Track Listings

Sunny Day (music video)
Little Change
What Are We Doing Here
I Don't Know
I Need You
Tell Me (music video)
Heaven Hears You


Steve Grossman: Drums
Anthony Sallee: Bass
John Cox; Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tim Pierce: Electric Guitar
Rick Dohr: Kurzweil
Iki Levy: Percussion

There are few artists that release a single album that stood out to me and then seemingly disappear. John Cox was one of those artists. His debut album, Sunny Day, is one of those albums that seems to go unnoticed by the listening masses...and that is a shame. From what I understand John's label decided to move on without him. John would continue to write music and eventually release his second album on his own record label in 2006 called Sanctuary.

John has a very strong and unique voice that stands out from the crowd of male singers in rock music. While I couldn't come up with any comparisons when I first found this album, I can sense a little of Train's lead singer as I listen to the album again on this lazy Saturday afternoon. It's a shame I couldn't find more of his music online to link to above. However I feel if he had a better exposure others would enjoy his music as well.

While many of the albums tracks have a great rock and roll sound, especially the title track "Sunny Day", I think one of my favorite songs is one of the slower songs, "Tell Me". I think it's just one of the many great songs that showcases his song writing talents. I also believe this song to be a great praise and worship type song.

Jesus, tell me how
How You stood to wear the crown
Did it hurt when they drove the nails in Your hands
Did they all get to see You cry
Does it hurt You to see an unsaved man die
Oh they die

Jesus, tell me how
How I can help their heads to bow
I will tell them about Your love for me
So that they will know who You are
But I pray that You would go to them
and show them Your scars

Tell me what to say
So they will learn to walk in Your ways
They will know the joy that only comes from You
and they will praise You all of their days
You will pour Your Spirit into their hearts
and then they will be saved

I find it odd that my favorite songs have changed since my last listen to this album. A song I don't remember all that much, "This Hand I Hold" just seemed to speak to me a little more today. It's a beautifully written song that sounds equally great...a very peaceful sound. Just take a look at the lyrics. The song is linked above if you want to read along with the music.

Moving all around me
is a Love that makes me whole
And It's hand is sometimes unseen
Fingerprints upon my soul

Beyond every reason
I see where I should go
Into a different season
And down that narrow road

This very hand I hold
It makes the wind obey
Chases my fears away
This very hand I hold
This very hand I hold
It put the stars in place
Reaches for my embrace
This very hand I hold

Tears have been no stranger
and pain has been no friend
His love has been my anchor
and brings me back again

This very hand I hold
It makes the mountains stand
It calms my trembling hand
This very hand I hold

Instead of this CD simply going back onto the shelve today, it's going with me to my car as I plan on listening to this from beginning to end several more times. This is one of those artists that I really wished had put out more music, but I do plan on picking up his self released follow up soon. Thankfully it appears that Amazon has both of this albums in stock, including Sunny Day. A quick search on eBay also shows that this album is readily available and pretty cheap...making it all the more reason to go and pick up this CD for your music library.

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