Friday, December 11, 2015

Neon Cross "Torn"

Neon Cross
1995 Rugged Records
Produced By: Neon Cross & Dino Maddalone

album cover




Track Listings

Intro (:53)
Bitterness (4:05)
Spinning (3:45)
No Ones Home (3:06)
Seasons of Change (4:18)
'81 (4:35)
Videosmut (4:02)
Now (5:23)
Prussian Blue (3:16)
I'm Free (2:46)


Troy Woody: Drums, percussion
Don Webster: Guitars
David Starkey: Bass guitar
David Raymond Reeves: Vocals, harmonica, 12-string guitar

I first discovered Neon Cross on one of the California Metal compilation albums with their awesome song, "Son of God". It was different. I liked it. However their debut album on Regency Records always eluded my grasp - and still does to this day. Many years later the band would get back together and record a new album for P.K. Mitchell's Rugged Records. Sadly this album doesn't stand up to their debut, at least in my opinion.

I get that by the time 1995 came around the rock music scene had changed a bit (thanks Nirvana!). Some bands I feel weathered the change of time a little better. Holy Soldier's Promise Man is a good example of how a metal band changed with the times and came out good. That isn't to say that Torn isn't a good album, it just isn't a replacement for their original debut.

Musically the album is pretty good. It's not grunge, but it's also not 80's metal. I find it hard to describe this album. Thankfully it's not an expensive or hard to find album to pick up off the secondary market. It's worth a listen if you aren't familiar w/ the album. The more I've listened to it the more I like it. I grabbed it recently for a few bucks off eBay and even though it's not the first album, I'm glad to finally add some Neon Cross to my musical library.

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