Saturday, May 23, 2015

Steve Taylor "Lament" Radio Promo

Steve Taylor
1993 Warner Alliance
Produced By: Rob Woolsey





Track Listings

The Lament of Desmond R.G. Underwood-Frederick IV
Jesus Is For Losers
"Squintlets" (3 thru 11 with music, 12 thru 22 without music)

I'd heard about this radio promo single that Warner Bros. sent out to radio stations around the time Steve Taylor's album, Squint, was being released. In addition to two songs, the disc contains what are called "Squintlets". These feature commentary by Steve himself on many of the songs. The first 9 contain the song being spoken about, while the last 11 is pretty much just the commentary without the music. Some of them are the same while others have expanded commentary.

This is a nice piece to own, especially if you are a big Steve Taylor fan. It's always cool to get some insight as to what the artist was thinking or what they were going through when a particular song was written. The Squint album is very, very good and one of my favorite albums to date. I like to think of this disc as sort of a companion piece. 

Because of the nature of this disc, it doesn't seem to trade hands very often. When it does expect to pay $20-25. As of this post there are two Buy It Now listings on eBay if your interested.

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