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Tempest "Eye of the Storm"

Eye of the Storm
1988 Pure Metal Records
Produced By: Dan Rudin & Tempest

album cover

insert (back)



Track Listings

Goin' Nowhere (3:15)
Good-Bye (3:24)
Let Them In (3:30)
All For One (3:21)
U.S.A. (3:03)

Band Members

Mikk Rowe: Guitars, vocals
Jaime Rowe: Lead vocals
Darren Lee: Bass, vocals
Bobby Andrew: Drums, vocals

Eye of the Storm is Tempest's 2nd and final album recorded for Pure Metal Records. Formed by Jaime Rowe's (Guardian) younger brother, Mikk. Thanks to the pages of the old Heaven's Metal magazine, I was introduced to this band. Finding a cassette copy of this album was easy and all through out junior high and high school this cassette stayed in my truck. It wouldn't be until later (a few weeks ago) that I finally picked this up on CD.

While this album was never a favorite, I did enjoy many of the tracks. Listening to the CD, several of the songs I felt like I had not heard in years. I'm guessing I frequently fast forwarded through half the album! A second listen however has me enjoying the whole album, not just pieces of it.

Jamie Rowe's vocals have always been some of my favorite and while you can tell he's a younger that what you or me may be used to hearing, he still has a very powerful voice. Musically the album has the solid 80's metal sound. Guitars are loud and at times very very good.

For me, the highlights of the album are still the two instrumentals, Storms and Midnight. Let Them In, True Love, Eye of the Storm and All for One all have a good hook and a catchy chorus. The only song that I still don't care for, even after all these years is the final track, U.S.A. Goin' Nowhere isn't the greatest either.

Overall this is a pretty solid second effort by the band. I'd say 75% of the album is really good. Good enough to drop $30-$40 for the original Pure Metal release on CD? Nope. In fact I scored the disc and the album cover/insert for just $.99 on eBay. You an also purchase a double album with both of their full length albums for under $20 online.

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