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Robert Sweet "Love Trash"

Robert Sweet
Love Trash
2000 World Gone Mad, Inc.
Produced By: Robert Sweet

album cover




Track Listings

Help Me To Help Myself (4:57)
Love Trash (4:07)
The F Word (4:49)
Any Enemy (4:06)
Sweet Betrayal (2:27)
Me, Myself and You (3:20)
I'm ******* (4:00)
Best Regrets (4:30)
Love Trash (Radio Mix) (4:22)
Sweet Betrayal (Radio Mix) (2:54)


Robert Sweet: All guitars, bass and drums
Larry Worley: Vocals

If you haven't guess already, this is the same Robert Sweet from Stryper fame. Robert lent his amazing musically abilities to many bands after Stryper called it quits in the late 90's. Eventually Robert decided to released this self financed independent CD. Very hard to find on the secondary market these days, this CD is a departure from the traditional Stryper sound. While I personally love Stryper, I like the different projects many of it's band members went on to. Robert handles all of the musical instruments on this album, which vocals by Larry Worley of Love Life / Fear Not fame. I didn't know that Robert could play the guitar, let alone play so well. Musically this album has a good modern rock sound. I love Larry's vocals. If the chorus' had a little more harmony you could mistake this for another Fear Not album.

YouTube didn't have many tracks available to listen too, but the whole album is currently available to listen to courtesy of I got lucky and found the CD on eBay for $8.99. A quick Google search shows that Amazon has it in stock (as of this post). See link at bottom of post.

In addition to playing all the instruments on the album, Robert also wrote every song and produced the album. In the liner notes he included a little commentary for each song. I like it when artists share things like this as it gives you an idea of what the song is about, why they wrote it or where they may have been coming from when the song was written.

Help Me To Help Myself

A modern day rock & roll prayer, this song's about the classic human struggle, the tug of war of the mind, the act of asking for God's intervention.

Love Trash

"Love Trash" refers to the everyday throwaway Hollywood relationship, where "true love" is here today and gone tomorrow, musically wed to a comic twist..?

The F Word

Well, I'm afraid this one's way too obvious. "The F Word" is about forgiveness.

Any Enemy

In other words, "Any Enemy" is a hate-resisting, tongue-twisting, anti-enemy anthem.

Sweet Betrayal

I wanted to write some music that was beautiful yet eerie, with the feel of a "Phantom of the Opera", or Mozart's "Requiem". I thought the perfect subject for this song would be one of the most tragic experiences in life - Betrayal.

Me, Myself and You

This one's about the special feelings I felt the first time I looked into the eyes of my wife, my daughter, my son and the Shark Chicken.

I'm *******

Without GOD we're screwed!

Best Regrets

Just a short list of my life's favorite tragedies expressed with a super distorted guitar and a set of the world's most expensive BONGOS.

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