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Rage of Angels

Rage of Angels
Rage of Angels
1989 Regency Records
Produced By: Doug Mann

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Track Listings

Leave You or Forsake You (2:52)
Reason to Rock (3:53)
It's Not Late for Love (4:31)
Somebody's Watching You (3:53)
Hooked on a Good Thing (4:17)
Do You Still Believe in Love (4:16)
Rock for the Rock (4:39)
Are You Ready for Thunder  (4:09)
Don't Give Up (4:08)


Bass: Dale Glifort
Drums: John Fowler
Guitar: Frank DiCostanzo
Guitar: Greg Kurtzman
Lead Vocals: Dan Mariano

My first exposure to this short lived band was on the Heaven's Metal boxset compliation with "Are You Ready for Thunder". I was instantly hooked. I was in my mid-teens in high school and I finally found a band that sounded like some of the other metal bands at the time. I'm not the best to make comparisons, but it's got that great commercial glam metal sound from the 80's and early 90's. When some of my friends heard me blasting this out of my pick up in the high school parking lot I think they were confused. I say that because the knew (at the time) I only listened to Christian music. Rage of Angels had a different sound. They were really polished and sounded years ahead of some other bands. 

The songs don't have an overly preachy message, which for some people that might be a turn off. To me these guys could have easily been on a mainstream label like Stryper was. Speaking of Stryper, the song "Reason to Rock" immediately reminded me of the band. Not necessarily for the sound, but for the message.

This is a great album with a great sound. It's really a shame the band fell apart before a second album could be recorded. In fact, the band wasn't even together when this album was released! It's pretty widely known that the drummer, John Fowler and guitarist Frank DiConstanzo both left to join the mainstream band, Steelheart. If you like glam metal then this is a must have. The whole album is short, just under 40 minutes however just about every track kicks. Unfortunately the CD can run you $20 or more on the secondary market. Thankfully some of the better tracks were on various Christian metal compliations that aren't so hard to find or expensive.

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